"Zhirenzhe wisdom, knowing who can understand others are smart and can recognize their own people is wise.

"Yingpeng" lighting managers understand their own advantages, so in the shape of "Yingpeng" lighting the brand in the process, to avoid weaknesses, "Yingpeng" lighting positioning in the high-end lighting products.

"Yingpeng" lighting the advantage of "new", new technology, new design, new application, the upgrading of products tend to outperform their peers, adopting new principle, new materials, new technology and products and the old generation products are fundamentally different, new products are often technical breakthrough results, products the appearance, function, purpose, style, packaging and other aspects have greatly improved, requires a lot of time, manpower and resources to achieve, because the cost of most enterprises is difficult to bear. Because "Yingpeng" have this advantage, make it in the statement, rave reviews.

At the same time, "Yingpeng" abandoned "the traditional concept of lighting sell themselves', active use of various publicity media to promote their products and express their ideas, the transfer of the enterprise        information communication, supply and demand, the creation of reputation.

The brand embodies the enterprise spirit, records the history of the development of enterprises, the establishment of the company's brand Yingpeng lighting witnessed the growth of.